Scooter Safety

Chilli Pro Scooters are engineered using the best materials available, together with a quality design and construction that makes them exceptionally stable, safe and reliable. However, as with all travel and sports equipment, following basic safety rules is all-important.
We encourage Chilli riders to scoot smart and scoot safe, by following these basic safety rules. They apply not only to scooters but to bikes and trikes and by listing them here we hope they will help everyone ride safely.
Please note that the most important safety rule is to use a helmet designed for scooting, with protection for the back of the head.

Chilli Pro Scooters strongly supports parents and schools in ensuring these rules are followed while scooting:

  1. Wear safety-approved helmets designed to protect the head while scooting 

  2. Adult supervision of children while scooting is required to ensure they are following all safety rules

  3. Elbow and knee pads should be worn 

  4. Stay on the sidewalk when riding - avoid wet or broken sidewalks

  5. Scoot at a safe speed and follow traffic safety rules

  6. Check scooters regularly to make sure they are functioning properly 

  7. Replace parts as needed - contact our customer service at 888.236.5657 for information, parts and repair

  8. Be respectful of pedestrians sharing the sidewalk

  9. Scoot only in daylight for best visibility

  10. To stop quickly, step off the scooter while still holding the T bar or joystick - if you do not feel safe easily stepping off the scooter,  you are going too fast, so slow down!